There is an issue that recently came to light regarding logging on to MySchool from home. Some users were getting the following error (or similar depending on your browser)


C2K are aware of this and are having to modify the MySchool servers to rectify it. They hope to have them in operation very soon. In the meantime do not worry the MySchool site is completely safe.

Therefore if you are using an up-to-date browser and get the above message when trying to log in to MySchool the C2K advice is to click on the Advanced button and it will show the image below.

Click on the Continue to (unsafe) – you may be prompted to do this more than once but eventually you will be presented with the log in screen. This may also occur when trying to open your O365 email but just keep clicking on the Continue…. Links.

Yes I know that this goes against everything you will be told NOT to do but in this one instance only it is safe to proceed.


There may be times when trying to log in to My-School returns errors and one way to help resolve this is to clear the browser cache. Below is how to do this on the Google chrome browser.

Firstly look at the top right-hand side of the browser window - you will see three little dots. Click on these and follow the link to Clear browsing data...

You will have the choice of how much data to delete - firstly try the last 24 Hours. Only check what type of data you wish to remove

Once you have done this close the browser and try logging on again. If you are using Microsoft Edge please use the link below to clear the cache

Clearing browser Cache - Edge


Logging in to My-School 

To login to My-School use the C2K user name and password that were created for you. Your username will be similar to this example user: 


Please note: DO NOT add to the end of the username. The following link will take you to the My-School login page.

Click Here for My-School Login

From here enter your credentials and remember  - DO NOT SAVE YOUR LOGIN DETAILS!!

C2K Password

Your C2K password must adhere to the following rules:

  • It must be a minimum of 8 characters long
  • It can be made up using letters, numbers and special characters
  • The system remembers your last 24 password changes so make it unique

There are times when the user does not log off My-School are out of their email and when they try and log back in again they get error messages such as:


If you receive an error such as this firstly:

  1. Close you browser window completely
  2. Open it up again and try to log back in again

If this does not work then you may have to clear the cache on your browser. To do this please see the following topic by clicking on the link below.

Clearing browser Cache - Chrome




If you have saved your login details when you log on to My-School the username and password fields will already be filled-in for you. If this is the case then follow the instructions below to remove the details from your browser. Remember the reason why you should not save your login details is that your C2K password will always change every 120 days. In this example we are using the Google Chrome browser.

On the chrome browser (for example here) at the top right hand corner you will see 3 little dots - click on them and then go to settings


On the Passwords line click on the arrow

Look for an entry like this (or similar) and remove it

Close your browser and then reopen it. Go to My-School as normal and the fields should be blank. If so log in as normal. When the pop up window asks if you wish to save these details choose NEVER.